Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We aRe tHe ChaMPion!

Aduh...teringin sgt nk taruk entry ni..xkira r korang nk kategori kan bwh personal story or ape-ape pun..korang anggap je entry ni utk general knowledge korang! hahaha!..

Event:     Family Day Faculty Business Management 2010
Venue:     Futsal Court UiTM Dungun
Date:     9.October.2010

Games Statistic
Played:     3 Games
Win:     3 Games
Conceded:     2 Goals
Scores:     9 Goals

Game 1: vs Marketing:     3-1    (death match)
Game 2: vs Finance     4-0     (semi final)
Game 3: vs Operation Management     2-1     (final)

Congratulations to all of my team members!!
Bachelor In Islamic Banking Best!!
Good teamwork!
Sweet Memories before finish my studies..
Thanks a lot to all of you!!

 Berdiri dari kiri: Mat leh, Kay, Safwan, Boy, Sesat!
Duduk dari kiri: Mirul,........, Syahrizad, Chop.

Lagi gambar sepanjang perlawanan:


Photographer: Naim

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