Thursday, September 30, 2010

KEnaPa LeLAKi KaWIn LAmBat?

Malaysians are getting married at older age. Why?Let me give an example.It is a little bit long example. If you want to skip it, there is a summary at the end.Say you are a fresh graduate at that age of 23, a male, starting a carrieras an executive officer working somewhere in KL with a salary, say RM2000 per month and without any saving in the bank.Monthly, extracting your expenditures on foods, transportation (public or motorcycle), electricity, water, phone, house rent and other expenses, say you can save about RM800 the most. Then, because you are a good son, you send some money to your parents or relatives about RM300 per month. This willgive you a balance of RM500 of saving. For the first year, maybe you are very discipline withyour budget, so you save about RM5000.The next year at the age of 24, you meet a girl of your dream. Both of youplan to get married after one year or two. Ok, that's fine, it gives youtime to save some more money and some more time to prepare the basicnecessities for a 'happy' family? a car and a roof to live under. That yearbecause you are a hard worker, you get a raise of 10%.Since you are also a gentleman, you make sure some money is put aside to spend on dates andgifts for your girl, so 10% goes for her. Like the previous year, after much sweat and Meggie-eating months, you save another RM5000. Your company is doing ok. You are paid 2 months bonus. So, another RM4000 is added to your saving. So, your total saving now is RM14,000. You decide to spend about RM8000 on a brand-new RM40,000 car down payment. So, you net saving that year is RM6000.The next year at the age of 25, you are doing fine at work. But because now you have to pay for car every month, your total monthly saving is cut down to about RM400. You save roughly about RM5000 that year. No bonus that year because your company is doing poor. So, your total saving in the bank is RM11,000. Then, you decide to get engaged with your girlfriend. She said OK. So, need to buy an engagement ring. RM1500 is spent on ring plus 'hantaran pertunangan'. So, your net saving that year is RM9,500.

The next year at the age of 26, you get promoted. Yoursalary now is 1.5 of your starting salary at the company. Good news! You think. "Ok, this yearI will get married". You also are 'gersang' already. :)

So, you ask your fiancée "how much is the dowry (hantaran)? "She say, "berapa-berapa yang u sanggup".You ask,"RM5000 ok?".She replies, "I okay je. Tapi my mom tu. Dia kata grad oversea macam I ni mane boleh letak rendah-rendah. Paling kurang RM10,000 tau!".

Your eyes 'terjegil', air liur 'meleleh' and you faint on the spot."Where else in the world can I get extra money?", you say to yourself. But, because you are very determined to get married with your dream girl and in the name of love, you work really really hard that year until you are awarded "The Best Employee of The Year". You get 3 months of bonus. You also do some side business to supply ayam pencen. So, roughly your net saving at the end of that year is RM20,000.Ok, now you are 27 years old with enough saving in the bank to pay for the dowry. But then, come your mom saying,"Anak mak nak kawin ni mesti la buat grand grand. Kita sewa khemah besar-besar, jemput penyanyi ke artis ke sorang dua datang buat persembahan. Lauk pauk kita cater aje la ya? RM10 je sekepala. Baju kawin ko, kita sewa yg cantik-cantikdan mahal-mahal sket. Kita jemput dalam 1000 orang datang ok?"

You did a quick in-the-head-calculation,"1000xRM10=RM10,000, penyanyi lagi, khemah lagi, buta-buta je RM15,000!!! Tu tak masuk cincin kahwin lagi!!"You say,"Mak, nak buat apa membazir-bazir duit ni?"Your mom replies,"Apa pulak membazirnya? Kau kawin sekali je seumur hidup.`Biarlah buat betul-betul." You insist,"Tapi mak?"Your mom says, "Dahlah, kau jangan nak buat malu mak. Cik Tipah jiran kita tu buat kenduri kat hotel siap dato, datin, tan sri puan sri lagi datang. Mana la mak nak letak muka kalau buat kenduri kecik kecik?".

Anyway, you finally get married. But, a beautiful happy life after marriage that you dream of with your wife does not last long. You have debts around your waist, interest gets higher every month, cannot afford to pay them, you wife gets tired of you asking money from her, she accuses you of being irresponsible husband for not being a good provider, blah blah blah? At theend, you two go into separate ways? You get divorced.Problem breeds problem? Sometimes we wonder why marriage institution is failing in our country. The above example may not represent the whole phenomena in our culture, but perhaps it gives us some ideas of the problems young couple these days are facing in getting married from my perspective.

The Root Cause of The Problem...There is something wrong in our culture. I really think there are some practices in our culture in Malaysia (Malay culture specifically) that do not make sense and especially they are contrary to the teaching of Islam. These practices are well-rooted in our culture thatunfortunately because of them, many people are 'afraid' to get married, or simply feel like they cannot afford when they are actually can afford. These are some of my observation and summary analysis:

(1) Marriage should be done in the most modest way but in Malaysia, it is ought to be done in the most lavish way. Competition on whose wedding is the most grandeur is almost unavoidable. Fame is usually the reason why people spend unreasonable and wasteful amount of money for a wedding.

(2) The "price" of a woman is measured according to her perhaps educational status not according to her knowledge and understanding of Deen and piety as suggested by the religion. The saddest thing is that "price" is put on women, who are supposed to be, if God-loving, kind-hearted and pious ones, "priceless"! 'Dowry' system is adopted by the Malays from perhaps the Indians who came to Malaysia long time ago. When the 'dowry' is put too high and men can't afford to pay, marriage is usually delayed or cancelled. An effort to build another small brick unit of this Deen is delayed or perhaps destroyed only for this reason.

(3) Marriage should be a quick and easy process for the couple not hard,which eventually becomes a burden. These days, we make marriage so complicated that people are afraid of getting married. When I was in the Sydney, I saw Muslim brothers and sisters getting married at the mosque, with just some sweets as the main course for the guests. The guests who were invited to witness the ceremony were usually whoeverprayed jemaah at the mosque or some close relatives and friends. Thereis no point of being extravagance. We should focus on the life after wedding not the weddingitself. Wedding is only a door to the marriage house. Why should we spent a lot of money to decorate the door so beautifully, when the inside of the house is then left empty, dark and unattractive?

To all of girl out there..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OnLine Free Using MobiLe PH0ne!..

Pakai anset je bleh online facebook or mcm-mcm lagi laman web yg korang nk tanpa byr atau kuarkan kredit korang 1 sen pun?? Sbnrnya benda ni dah lama dah org wat cuma aku nk share ngn korang yg mana blm wat lg..Tp bukan semua line telefon bleh online free..cuma Maxis prepaid je dapat..diulangi! MAXIS PREPAID SAHAJA!..So yg mana pakai Celcom atau Digi x dpt la jack nk menolong..Jgn kecoh-kecoh plak kat Maxis, nnti bila dorang dpt tau x psl-psl nnti kita dah x dpt nk online free..hahaha!..

Ok, mcm mana cara dia?..Sabar aku nk ajar la ni..Korang follow step by step la ye..

(a).     Mula-mula korang download pastu install Opera Mini Version 5 ke atas masuk dlm handphone terus dr handphone ataupun cari dlm internet, save dlm laptop pastu install la dlm handphone korang..Handphone yg xde sistem 3G atau GPRS xdpt la nk men internet free ni yek..

(b).     Bila dah settle downloand & install, setting hanphone korang plak..Follow cara ni:
* Press * 100 #
* Select 7 for service
* Select 1
* Select 9 for Prepaid Broadband
* Select 4 for Server Switching
* Select 2 to switch to Prepaid Broadband
* Finally, press 1 to Proceed

(c).     Nnti korang akan dpt sms dia tulis your SIM has been changed to the profile of Broadband. APN = bbnet you dari nombor 28222. So sekarang line korang dah pun tukar kpd Prepaid Broadband.

Bila korang tukar line SIM korang dari line kepada Prepaid Broadband, takde effect pelik yang jadi cumanya korang tak dapat nak receive atau send apa-apa MMS lagi..MMS bukan SMS ye!..Tapi kalau korang nak switch back setting asal, follow je balik cara (b) tadi. Untuk tukar-tukar setting line ni, xde charge bila da asik tukar setting byk kali aku tak tau la plak di charge brp nnti..hehe!!

(d).     So..lps tu.......dah settle dah la!..korang nk setting ape lg!..Surf je intenet pakai handphone korang berjam-jam smpai meletup! Tapi kena guna Opera Mini yg korang dah install td la ye..

(e).     Tp ada sikit benda nk inform utk pengguna Nokia..Korang kena setting benda alah ni sikit..

Menu -> Settings -> Connections -> Access Points -> Maxis 3G Internet -> Access Point Name: tukar dari unet kepada bbnet

1. Buka samada Opera Mini atau Bolt
2. Untuk Opera Mini, pastikan tetapan berikut telah dilakukan:
- tekan #8
- pilih Advanced
- pilih Protocol -> tukar ke Socket

(f).     SETTLE!!

DISCLAIMER: Blog ini tiada sebarang hubungan dengan Maxis atau Hotlink. Cara yang dipaparkan mungkin juga akibat kebocoran sistem mereka dan pihak blog ini tidak bertanggungjawab jika ianya merugikan mereka akibat kecuaian pihak mereka sendiri. Blog ini tidak cuba mengajar pembaca membuat perkara tidak baik ini tetapi sekadar cuba berkongsi mengenainya. Jika artikel ini di baca oleh pihak Maxis, mungkin juga artikel ini untuk membuka mata anda untuk melakukan sesuatu. Perkara ini juga telah lama tersebar di internet hampir berbulan yang lalu (sila Google) dan bukan yang pertama di blog ini.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Only For You Liverpool F.C Fans!

Hahaha!!..Entry blog aku utk hari ni!!..Khas buat semua peminat Liverpool F.C kat luar sana..Da tgk gmbar kat ats tu? Anda dapat cari perbezaan?..Senang bukan?..Ini bukanlah pertandingan cari perbezaan gambar! Hahaha! Ini bukanlah fantasi tapi ia memang realiti! Kesian kat abg Gerrard kite..Game hari tu 19 September time Manchester United F.C menang 3-2, abg Gerrard atau nama panjang beliau Steven George Gerrard, 30 tahun umurnya sekali lagi menarik perhatian ramai dengan bangga mencium kamera,hehehe...

Tapi x pe la..Bg la chance kat abg Gerrard kita..Tak dpt cium piala, kamera pun jadilah..Lagi bukti & perbezaan di bawah:


Tapi yg 1 ni den tok suko..jgn di ikut Jang..apo kono pun den tok tau..

Hahaha!! 18 SX!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

1 FieSTA UiTM DUngun..

1 Fiesta UiTM Dungun bermula esk!! Apa itu 1 Fiesta? Ada apa dgn 1 Fiesta? Jom aku nk cite sikit psl karnival ni..1Fiesta ini aktiviti yang dianjurkan oleh Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP) dgn persatuan-persatuan dalaman, JPK Kolej & pihak Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) dan Alumni UiTM Terengganu. Program ini adalah aktiviti tahun yang akan dilaksanakan oleh MPP dimana melibatkan kombinasi 30 aktiviti persatuan yang akan diadakan selama seminggu di UiTM Dungun ni.

Antara beberapa aktiviti yang akan diadakan sempena 1Fiesta adalah Pertandingan Memancing, PC Fair & Book Fair, Dikir Barat, Forum Perdana, Pameran Anti Dadah, Gerai jualan dan banyak lagi.

Program 1 Fiesta ini akan berlangsung bermula 26 September 2010 sampai 2 Oktober 2010 & aktiviti-aktiviti yang diadakan akan merangkumi hampir keseluruhan kawasan UiTM antaranya Stadium Gemilang, gelanggan futsal, gelanggang bola tampar, dewan aspirasi, dewan kuliah anggerik (DKA), dewan kuliah cemara (DKC), dan kawasan persisiran pantai depan UiTM.

Jom sama-sama kite pegi usha esk!!..Mana tau ada pape yg best!!

Doa Oleh Imam Masjidil Haram Mekah..

Imam Masjidil Haram, Mekah kena tangkap oleh rejim Arab Saudi lps baca doa ni lps solat tarawikh Ramadhan 1422 Hijrah..Arab Saudi pun sekutu kuat Amerika jgk kan?..erm..Sama-sama la kite aminkan doa boleh ke sbb kita doakan utk kehancuran negara lain?

UCapan PreSIden IRAN di boikot!!

Presiden Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad kelmarin mencetuskan kemarahan perwakilan Barat apabila 27 anggota Kesatuan Eropah (EU) bertindak keluar dewan pada satu mesyuarat PBB di New York kerana tidak puas hati dengan ucapannya yang mendakwa ramai orang percaya pemerintah Amerika Syarikat (AS) yang merancang serangan pengganas pada 11 September 2001 di AS.

Kesian kat dia..tapi btul ke mmg AS sendiri yg rancang serangan tu?..Cuma mereka & keluarga mereka je yg tau..Papepun aku sokong dgn keberanian Presiden Iran utk buka mulut!!

Lagi video tentang serangan 11 September 2001 di World Trade Centre (WTC):


Sumber: Kosmo Online, Sabtu, 25 Sept. 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

CoNTOh ReSUme Terkini dlm BM & BI..

Korang x tau mcm mane nk wat atau pun reti buat tp rasa cm x best atau rasa mmg da best tp nk bestkan lg resume korang?..Korang bleh download contoh-contoh resume ni dengan tekan link yg ada kat bawah ni..ada dlm BM & BI, utk apply praktikal ke..mintak kerja ke..semua boleh pakai kot..nk ckp resume ni 'power' x de la best sgt tp maybe bleh wat utk rujukan & tokok tambah dlm resume yg kite da sedia ada kot..jenguk-jenguk la yee..

LeTTers To JULieT..

Movie jiwang yang terbaru aku tgk..kahkahkah!..ape lu ingat lelaki x bleh layan movie jiwang? Sepatutnya lelaki la yg patut tgk movie jenis tangkap leleh mcm ni spy diorng senang nk paham apa sbnrnya yg tersurat & tersirat dlm hati kaum hawa ni...Tapi dlm movie ni mcm ada unsur berat sebelah disitu sbb diorng cuma nk menangkan kaum pompuan je!

Setiap movie yg kite tonton bukan sekadar utk hiburan tetapi kita patut cari & fikirkan apa sbnrnya msg & pengajaran yg sbnrnya diorng nk smpaikan..Selebihnya kita sendiri tentukan nk jdkan teladan atau tinggalkan..


There are some interesting analysis of military observer’s University of Indonesia, Andy Wijayanto, about the possibility of open war between Indonesia and Malaysia in the conflict area Ambalat Block Waters. When Jakarta declared open war with our neighbors, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should take into account the state alliance that will support these neighbor countries in the confrontation.

Andy revealed, Malaysia has a system of defensive alliance with England, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. The alliance called the Five Power Defense Agreement (FPDA). One of the FPDA countries agreement is a clause that an attack on one member state is also an attack against another member state.

“Malaysia just request clause to be activated. If agreed, it means Indonesia must be prepared to fight also with the UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand which have a fighting force far more powerful and sophisticated,” he explained after a discussion of the draft Defence and Security.

From the official website of the British High Commission, Kuala Lumpur, it is known that the FPDA was established in 1971 as a consulting agency and the anticipation of an attack on Singapore and Malaysia. When 30-year commemoration FPDA in November 2001, the five member states agreed to establish a long-term cooperation. One of them, agreements to support each other if any of its member countries that attacked another country. This year, the FPDA to focus his review on maritime security. With that focus, the possibility of four other countries to support Malaysia in the confrontation with Indonesia to be bigger.

Not only that. If in our country will face a confrontation with the British, the country will very likely ask for an article five of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) enabled. Articles similar to NATO’s five FPDA treaty clause that essentially said that the attack suffered by one member state is considered as an attack on other member states and must be faced together. Therefore, could widen the confrontation with Malaysia and Indonesia must make a deal with NATO member countries.

“So, the effect will be successive. That is what must be considered carefully by the President of SBY before the declaration of confrontation with Malaysia. People must understand this is not so dark eyes urging war with Malaysia,” said Andy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

D0Sa 25 H0urs di FaceB00k..

Tertarik dgn apa yg terkandung dlm video berdurasi 5 minit 9 saat ni..Walaupun ramai yg dh tau dgn video 'lapuk' ni, tp hati tetap nk jugak post video ni..Time kasih pd pencipta, mengingatkan kami umat manusia yg mudah alpa..

So apa lg yg kita tunggu, ubahlah wajah facebook kita, delete apa-apa yg patut, kalau still x bleh nk delete sume minimizekn la dosa-dosa kita..aku pun manusia biasa & x terlepas drnya..Kite ada akal fikiran & kite mampu mengubahnye..

Utk semua kaum hawa, aku mengaku & semua laki-laki yg ada kat ats muka bumi ni suka tgk body-body kami x kan dpt tgk lg kalau kamu x dedahkannya..@.@

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

KeRJaYa di BAnk RaKYat..

Date: 22 - 23 September 2010
Time: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Venue: Aspirasi Hall, UiTM Dungun, Terengganu.

Hari ni aku pelik knp kaki aku ringan je melangkah pegi ekspo kerjaya ni..Kalau nk ikutkan sblm ni haram nk pegi!..Hahaha!!..Maybe sbb skrg tgh final semester kot..So ape benda best yg aku nk kongsi ngn korng?
Byk-byk booth yg aku ziarah, ada 2 bijik je yg aku lekat lama smpai kering tekak aku attack soalan ngn perut yg kuarkan mcm-mcm jenis bunyi lapor sbb baru abis kelas tgh hari. First booth Etiqa Takaful. Pjg gak la org tua tu duk bercerita mcm bisnes aku layan jek walaupun x brp nk 1 lg booth yg wat aku dia! Bank yg offer aku tmpat utk praktikal semester depan tp aku terpaksa tolak ats sbb peribadi..rasa rugi tu ada gak tp nk wat mcm mana kn..rezeki ada kat mana-mana..lgpun alaaa...praktikal je pun..


Dekat lebih 1/2 jam gak la aku lekat kat booth Bank Rakyat ni duk tanya mcm-mcm kat sorng mamat executive bank yg dtg dr KL ni. Apa yg aku duk tanya kat mamat ni? Aku dgr sblm ni ramai org duk kata bank rakyat ni bg bonus tahunan setahun gaji pokok tp depend pd bank financial performance, btul ke?
Yupp!! Tahun lps je dorng dpt bonus 14 bulan..perghh!! amacam? seronok x?
Aku tanya lagi ngn wat muka penuh excited psl bank rakyat ni - 

Gaji pokok Lepasan Diploma - RM 1,500
 Gaji pokok Lepasan Degree - RM 1,900

Tapi ni utk kontrak selama setahun sblm dorng amik kita jd permanent staff..mcm mana pulak lps jd permanent?

Gaji pokok Lepasan Degree - RM 2,400

Diploma punya x ingat pulak aku nk tanya gaji pokok dia..
Cuba korng bayangkan gaji RM 2,400 x 12 bulan = RM 28,800
Jumlah tu la yg kita dpt utk bonus tahunan..x termasuk lg ngn gaji pokok yg kita dpt tiap-tiap bulan & setiap tahun ada kenaikan gaji depend pd company performance tp kira byk la tu kan kalau nk bandingkan dengan gaji bank lain mmg diorng offer lagi tinggi tp bonus xde la smpai 12 bulan gaji..ntah-ntah xdpt bonus langsung pun ada..
Mcm mana pulak dengan kelayakan yg dia nk?

Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perbankan / Perakaunan / Business Management / Accounting / Economic
CGPA at least 2.5 ke atas
Umur 21-26 tahun
Personaliti menarik
Excellent interpersonal skills & able interact with all level of society

Kalau minat nk apply keje mcm mana cara nk mohon & interview dia mcm mana?

Hantar resume ke:
Jabatan Perjawatan dan Perancangan Tenaga Kerja,
Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad,
Tingkat 13, Bangunan Bank Rakyat,
Jalan Tangsi,
Peti Surat 11024, 50732 Kuala Lumpur.

Interview dia plak mamat tu ckp depend pd interviewer. Kalau dia nk speaking so kita pun kena belasah la mat salleh gak smpai abis. Tp kalau nasib kita baik kita belasah je ckp BM. Tp no loghat-loghat, no rojak-rojak, fully BM smpai kuar bilik interview! Yg paling penting, CONFIDENT level kena tinggi!!

Benefit lain? Ada lg..nk pegi honeymoon? Stay kat hotel panel dia je..5 Star beb! Salah 1 hotel panel dia Hotel Hilton. Staff cuma perlu byr 30% dari harga bilik, 70% pihak company akan byr..Kira best la tu kan!! Selain tu mcm biasa dorng pun ada sediakan loan utk rumah & kereta dengan 'interest' kurang dari customer biasa kecuali personal loan. Medical benefit & Takaful pun diorng sediakan..

Ada gak member-member yg pegi interview dgn CIMB bank Wealth Advisor aku xpegi pun sbb blm rasa ilmu penuh di dada lg nk masuk interview session..ceewah!! Papepun Good Luck utk mereka!
Semua yg aku story ni dr apa yg aku tnya kat mamat executive bank tu..kalau dia tipu aku, aku pun kira tipu korng la k sbb aku tanya untung bank rakyat tahun lps dia x tau brp RM billion...(^_^)

WeLCome t0 My bL0g & tHaNks f0r ReVIewing!!

Fuhh!!..Aku pun da ada blog??..kahkahkah!..Dgn dunia yg da makin maju skrg ni rasa cam 'expired' plak kalo xde blog ni der..Blog ni bukan ekadar info utk Manchester United Die Hard Fan tp aku nk letak mcm-mcm info lg x kira utk sape-sape yg minat nk view x kira yg tgh hidup ataupun yg dah pun pergi..oppss..

Blog ni aku punya..suka ati aku la nk taruk ape kejadah pun kn? aku bukan wat blog ni utk luahkan perasan ke, kutuk mengutuk ke, nk btau aku da mkn ke, aku tgh berak ke, aku benci kamu ke & ntah ape-ape lg statement yg berlambak skrg ni kat luar tu..Tp AKU NK SHARE ngn korang info-info general, various, pelbagai, macam-macam, xkira ape-ape la yg aku tau & patut atau x patut korang tau..
Cakap psl luahan hati kat intenet + statement ntah pape yg tgh b'lambak aku TERBACA (sbnrnya jijik!xnk baca lgsung!), dorg x rasa bodoh ke duk post bnda-bnda tu? Mcm duk cite diari isi hidup cerita sendiri yg nkkn perhatian & publisiti murahan! Dulu aku pun penah gak wat benda-benda tu sume tp pendapat aku, lps pk semsk-msk yg mngkin smpai bontot kuali berlubang, bnda tu sume ibarat "membogelkan maruah atau kisah peribadi sendiri" pk la msk-msk sblm tulis sesuatu kat intenet nih!..nk ckp aku ni baik sume tau aku ni budak jahat, hahaha! dorg mmg ada hak nk wat mcm tu tp jgn b'otakkan sempit & semput! Papepun wa mmg angkat jari 'HANTU' wa lurus ke langit kat 'bijak pandai' ni sume! Teruskan usaha 'bijak' anda!

So..apa yg aku harapkn kat blog aku ni? Spy dpt aku tabur khidmat bakti aku pd korang sume dgn mcm-mcm info berguna.Saya budak baru belajar & kalau ada salah silap, terasa pedas atau terhantuk kepala, aku awl-awl nk susun 20 jari mintak ampun & hopefully tolong tinggalkan kritikan, pesanan, khidmat nasihat korang sume k..choww!